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Live Screenprinting

  Shirts On Site: A Live Promotional T-Shirt Maker

Live screenprinting has created a new market for t-shirts and printed apparel. As a live promotional t-shirt maker, Shirts On Site has also created opportunities for groups and organizations who are running fundraisers or attempting to raise awareness.


First of all, it is just plain fun! From the ability to create your own look to choosing your own image, customers and supporters can get involved from start to finish. As a live promotional t-shirt maker, Shirts On Site delivers great looking apparel, as well as a fun and enjoyable experience.


That also creates an experience and involves people in the process. It is the type of experiential marketing and promotion that has become a trend, and it is marketing, promotion, and fundraising that works. Live screenprinting isn't simply ordering a shirt, it is getting involved in the process and the event.


If you are looking to create interest and engage people for a cause or fundraiser, let our helpful and friendly team at Shirts On Site help, because we are about more than just good looking T's. Our team will be happy to explain the process, how it works, and how we can help. Contact us today and take your fundraiser to the next level by making it an event and an experience everyone will enjoy - and remember. After all, isn't that part of the point behind a fundraiser or awareness cause?

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