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Specializing in live, on-site promotional product decoration.
Your solution for a tangible, individually tailored marketing experience for you and your clients alike. Our highly adaptive team effortlessly executes seemingly impossible experiences at a moments notice.

“When we booked Phillip Phillips for a private concert for 800 clients at the House of Blues, we really wanted everyone to have a true concert going experience.  We turned to Shirts On Site to help provide the perfect “concert tee” portion of our event, and they didn’t disappoint us.  We designed four different designs for the show.  Shirts On Site pre-printed the designs and came stocked with lots shirt options.  They set up in a very small area but did a great job with the space and their presses were ready to roll as people started coming in the doors.  People were so excited to have so many combinations of choices with different designs and shirt styles and colors.  We were happy to see many people wearing their shirts during the show.  Some even came back for another shirt with a different design.  Shirts On Site never stopped printing the entire evening and most of our clients left with a great memento of the evening.  I thank them for their professionalism and would recommend Shirts On Site for any corporate event.  I can’t wait to find another reason to hire them.”


Brian Harder

Night on the Town Event Coordinator

Comcast Spotlight in Chicago

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